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Bartrak - Camper Hire, RV Hire & Motorhome Hire Australia



Motorhome Hire Australia.


From the rugged beauty of the outback to the wild and spectacular coastlines, from the tranquillity and splendour of the rainforests to the bright lights of our cosmopolitanmotorhome hire Australia cities, Australia is truly a land of many contrasts.

Together with our unique variety of native wildlife, which at times will be equally as inquisitive of you as you are of them, Australia is truly a land that you will want to discover for yourself.


Retrace the steps of our early explorers 200 years ago and witness the grandeur of our untouched landscapes. Marvel at the tradition and history of the Aboriginal culture and learn the stories of their Dreamtime ancestors.


Motorhome, Camper or RV hire from Bartrak offers you the economy, flexibility and independence required to explore all the treasures and wonders of our vast island continent - Australia, in style and luxury. With 6 different categories of purpose built vehicles to select from as well as depots and agencies throughout Australia, Bartrak is sure to fulfil your needs.


Motorhome Hire Australia

Asking for a RV hire or Camper hire quote could not be easier.

Simply click on the "Ask for a Quote" link on the left hand side of any of the pages on this web page.  Then just supply your relevant information.  Bartrak will then reply very quickly with a fully inclusive and easy to read quotation.  Even if you do not have exact dates as yet, simply supply us with some example dates (we are more than happy to update your quote again later).


Be sure to visit Bartrak's Specials Page to view our current discounted deals on RV and camper hire.  Also on our Specials Page you will find our fantastic $1/DAY relocation deals.  These are a great way to take your family on a very cheap motorhome holiday or else they are a very good way to evaluate motorhoming if you are considering buying your own motorhome in the near future.


If you are in the market to buy a motorhome or campervan, Bartrak always has a constant supply of high quality vehicles for sale.  Bartrak sells all ex-rental vehicles back to the public via our Vehicles For Sale page.  Inspection of our ex-rental Winnebago motorhomes is a must if you are in the market for a motorhome because our vehicles are not built down to a rental standard.  Instead our vehicles are built to the exact same standards (fittings, materials. options, etc) as Winnebago builds for the general public.  Together with our very high standard of vehicle maintenance throughout it's rental life, Bartrak vehicles are far superior to most other ex-rental vehicles that are on offer.


Camper hire or RV hire is easy with Bartrak, your vehicle can be collected from our conveniently located rental and hire depots which are located throughout Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and Perth.


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